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2 years old
in Spalding, Lincolnshire.
Available for adoption
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This pretty little lady is 2 yr old Sadie, who was taken from an abusive home. She came into rescue very scared, and since being in foster care has overcome most of her fears.
Sadie is now housetrained, and can be left for short periods. She travels ok in the car and is crated overnight.
She has no toy or food aggression issues, she will happily share with other dogs and humans.
Sadie was very scared of humans when she first came in, and she still runs and hides when visitors arrive. She will growl if they come too close, but her confidence is improving daily.
Sadie is ok with other dogs, she can be the dominant one, and likes all the fuss and attention now from her foster mum.
Now she has discovered toys, she loves playing, and is having the puppyhood she probably never had.
Sadie was petrified out on walks of everything, but is much better now, and will walk past traffic now without panicking. She does need more work on the lead, but new owner can do this.
Most of her fears have gone, and she enjoys meeting other dogs on walks, and just wants to play with them.
This pretty lady is now enjoying cuddles, whereas a few weeks ago, would cower at human contact.
A work in progress, this beautiful girl is ready for her forever home. As long as her owner is calm, patient and kind, Sadie will continue to blossom.
Currently in foster care in Spalding, Lincs.